A Future Thinking Consultancy

Space Machine is a Future Thinking consultancy helping business leaders anticipate the future

of their business, the needs of their people, and their role in the culture of tomorrow and beyond.

We are a global network of forward thinkers, researchers, futurists, designers and strategists.

We are small business owners and practicing design thinkers who have bonded together through our shared experiences to form a cohesive, effective and efficient unit. We combine our unique disciplines and expertise seamlessly and without the burden and cost overhead of traditional agencies or design firms.



Everything we do is led by user research and design thinking. We offer Insights, Design, Strategy, and Story development. 
We also offer workshops and co-creation sessions.
Our accelerator, Model Rocket, offers business and service design consulting to start up and scale up businesses
seeking acceleration and guidance.



Empathize with your user.

Whether new research or existing, we help our clients gain a deeper and more empathic understanding of your user. We then turn research into insights that can drive business forward design and strategy. 

Qualitative Design Research

Culture & Trends

Journey Mapping

Behavioral Research 

Expert Interviews 


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"We believe businesses should try to exist at the intersection of science and science fiction. We created Space Machine and Model Rocket to help businesses achieve that measurable imagination and impact."

Austin Ripmaster


Founder, Chief Design Officer



Portland, OR USA

Boulder, CO USA

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